A forbidden passion.

Elizabeth Lavoisier - the illegitimate daughter of an Indian soldier and an Englishwoman
Hugh Atwood - the notorious industrialist London is terrified of


When they meet, it is a conflagration of passion and connection. But dark challenges confront them. Hugh has strange demons in his past and a cynical English aristocracy threatens to squash all their hopes and plans. Is their love strong enough to weather the perilous storms that await them?

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An electrifying Victorian romance


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What readers are saying

This is a thrilling and sensuous historical romance with great characters!

Nicole N

Must read for those who enjoy Victorian and Regency romances and need something inventive and fun!

Aisha S

I was so engrossed in the twists and turns of the story that I finished the book in one sitting.

Saria T

Pour yourself a hot cuppa and read this novel. It will not disappoint!

Ann Marie B


Historical romance with a twist

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